My Name is Bashar Al-Kuwaiti and I'm the man behind 2 Rivers Photos.

My background is in Engineering so naturally I'm technically inclined and I've always been somewhat drawn to gadgets. My first experience with photography was when I was child, my father had his own SLR and used to develop his own film. I was drawn to the sound of the shutter and I shadowed him quite a bit without really picking up anything besides knowing that I really enjoyed holding the camera and pretending to be like him :) Fast forward into the future, where I graduated and got my own career started. It allowed me to save my own money and to start travelling, luckily I got to do a bit of that on the job also. One thing was for certain, I wasn't impressed with what I captured with my point and shoot; it didn't do what I experienced any justice!

Right around then I noticed an old friend of mind was posting some amazing photos of his own travel experiences. So I reached out to him to figure out his "secret" and he was kind enough to introduce to SLR photography. I will forever be grateful to him as he opened a door to my personality that I never knew existed: enjoying and appreciating art :) This is my journey through this new passion of mine.

I also happen to have my own photoblog, please stop by.